How We Do It


EGBOK uses an all encompassing approach to ensure that students receive a well-rounded hospitality and life-skills education.


Our Project Model

1. Introduction to Hospitality

2. Vocational Training, Life Skills & Social Support

3. Job Placement & Professional Development


Training & Internship Program


The Training & Internship Program (TIP) is EGBOK’s 12-month, full-time vocational training program for underprivileged young adults. The goal of TIP is to provide students with the competencies they need to succeed in the hospitality industry through theoretical courses and hands-on training at hospitality companies.  


EGBOK has a recruitment process for both Phase 1 & Phase 2 of our program. We ensure that we are bringing the most motivated and in-need students through our program.


As part of our vision of a community where everyone has equal opportunities, we recognize that empowering women to be leaders of their community and country is pertinent.