We implement our program with project partners who share our mission of encouraging young adults to become self-sustaining professionals.

Our mission is to grow the work potential of people in their native economies, so they can get jobs. We work to educate and train young people to be competitive, skilled candidates for hospitality jobs.

Project Partners


Our project partners include orphanages, community centers, school and foundations. EGBOK Mission’s projects would not be possible without our partner organizations.

EGBOK Mission independently provides and manages all of the necessary funding to sustain our program, cover education costs, and assist with the transition as students attend schools to ensure their needs are met.

Palm Tree Foundation

Palm Tree Foundation is an orphanage located in Phnom Penh, and is home to approximately 100 children and young adults. The students receive supplementary education at the orphanage in English, math, computers, music and traditional dance. This practice gives the students a well-rounded exposure to various facets of the professional arena available to them. EGBOK Mission now complements these activities by providing a hospitality program to young adults that will help them choose a career path that meets their strengths and interests.

Children’s Orphanage Samrong

Children’s Orphanage Samrong, located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, is home to more than 70 children and young adults. The orphanage is unique in that it practices sustainability through maintaining its own farm and raising its own livestock. Thus, the students learn how to manage and sustain the environment in which they live. EGBOK Mission places an emphasis on developing the students’ existing skills and applying them to the hospitality realm.

Future Light Orphanage

Future Light Orphanage (FLO), located in the greater Phnom Penh region, is home to more than 250 children and young adults. FLO places an emphasis on students learning English, computer skills and fine arts to expand their knowledge and broaden their interests. Students are motivated to finish high school and work toward attaining a profession they are passionate about. EGBOK Mission is helping students recognize their interests in the hospitality industry and beyond, to work toward the ultimate goal of employment.

Program Advancing Girls’ Education

Program Advancing Girls’ Education (PAGE) is a program in Siem Reap, Cambodia aiming to combat the hardship and discrimination faced by many young girls and women in Cambodia. PAGE offers the most disadvantaged girls in the region with everything they need to reach the highest standards of education. PAGE offers support such as room and board, educational supplies, and financial support. EGBOK Mission works to empower the young women of PAGE through additional education and training opportunities that serve as assets to the futures and careers of young women in Cambodia.

Angkor Thom Junior High School

Angkor Thom Junior High School is in the rural community of Angkor Thom just past the famous Angkor Wat temples. This school provides accommodation and food to students in need so they can attend school and have a safe home. EGBOK Mission’s work with Angkor Thom Junior High will enable the young adults of this rural community to gain exposure and integration to the hospitality industry- an opportunity that may not otherwise be available due to their remote location and lack of access to transportation.

Self Help Community Center

Self Help Community Center (SHCC) provides a safe environment for over 1500 children and youth in rural villages in the province of Siem Reap, Cambodia. SHCC offers educational opportunities and activities such as music, sports, organic farming and arts and crafts- all to empower the community and give them hope for a brighter future. EGBOK Mission works with the young adults of the surrounding rural villages to expose them to the hospitality industry and serve as another educational opportunity that this community otherwise would not have available.

Population and Development International – Cambodia

Population and Development International – Cambodia (PDI-Cambodia) partners with rural communities in Cambodia to reduce poverty and facilitate health and socioeconomic development. EGBOK Mission works with young adults of these communities by conducting courses that combine English language development and hospitality basics. This serves as a well-rounded preparatory course for those students that wish to continue with placements into hospitality school and internships.

Assistance to Poor Children’s Agency

Assistance to Poor Children’s Agency (APCA) is an orphanage set rurally in Kampong Speu province, about 60 kilometers from downtown Phnom Penh. APCA is home to more than 50 children and youth. EGBOK Mission works with the young adults of APCA by exposing them to the hospitality industry of Cambodia- a first for many as their rural location has not given them the opportunity to experience the tourism industry first hand. EGBOK Mission assists those students wanting to pursue hospitality careers with the means to make this an achievable reality.