About Spoons

Make your meal count. Dining at Spoons is an easy and delicious way to contribute to the personal and educational development of underserved Cambodian young adults. Spoons café serves as a training facility and multipurpose space for EGBOK students to gain hands-on experience while providing guests with authentic Cambodian cuisine and hospitality.


Our Story

A visit to Spoons allows you to take part in the life-changing opportunity EGBOK provides students, while experiencing the best of what Siem Reap has to offer. Sustainability is at the heart of Spoons—from its mission and its food to its construction and design elements.


Our Menu

We serve a delicious array of Cambodian cuisine, from street food favorites to classic home style dishes. Stop in for a coffee and sweet treat, or stay longer for a hearty meal.

For party of 6 or more, please refer to the family-sharing menu

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Visit Us

Open Monday to Saturday, 11.30am to 10pm

CLOSED on Sunday

Make a reservation online or call us at +855 (0)76 277 6667


Directions For Your Local Driver

- ចេញពីផ្សារចាស់ ឆ្លងស្ពានវត្តដំណាក់ វង់តាមរង្វង់មូលហាតរ៉ក់កាហ្វេ បត់ស្តាំតាមផ្លូវ៧មករា

- ដល់ផ្លូវកែងហ្គារ៉ាសសាំងតូតាល់ បត់ស្តាំតាមផ្លូវវត្តបូរទៅមុខរហូតដល់ផ្លូវកែង

- បត់ស្តាំប្រហែល៣ម៉ែត្រ រួចបត់ឆ្វេង ចូលក្នុងប្រហែល១០០ម៉ែត្រ នឹងឃើញហាងកាហ្វេស្ពូននៅខាងស្តាំដៃ


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