Our three phase approach

Understand our project model in 5 minutes. Watch the video.


1. Introduction to Hospitality

We work with our community partners that include local organizations, community centers, and rural villages to provide students with an introductory course that provides students with an overview of the hospitality industry and associated careers. Our course is structured to build confidence and familiarize students with the hospitality industry employment opportunities. We use this time to assess a student’s commitment and motivation for working as a hospitality professional. It is also an opportunity for the students to discern whether or not the hospitality field will be a good fit. This phase ensures that we are helping those that truly want to be helped. 


20 hours


Introduction to Hospitality (Field Trips)

Overview of Hospitality Careers

Customer Service Basics


Introduction to Hospitality

Employment Exposure



2. Vocational Training, Life Skills & Social Support

For the students who want to embark on a hospitality career upon completion of the Introductory Course, we provide the resources and support needed to succeed. Our Training & Internship Program (TIP) is a year-long program in hospitality at our school. Students gain the theoretical and practical training via in-class learning and internships with our hospitality partners. Students live in our EGBOK Living Centers where our supplementary courses and array of social services help them build self-esteem, leadership and other positive life skills. We work closely with the students to secure and prepare them for their first job in the hospitality industry, while training them in skills needed to replicate the job search process independently. 


12 months


Enrollment into Training & Internship Program 
(Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Service)


Life Skills Development & Supplementary Courses 
(Computers, Math, Global Knowledge) 

Social Support for Students

Intensive English Language Training (Professional Communication, Grammar)

Job Placement Preparation (Resumes, Cover Letters, Application & Interview Skills)


Professional Hospitality Skills

Explore Potential

Social Immersion

Life Skills

Independence & Confidence

3. Job Placement & Professional Development

Once EGBOK students graduate and are employed by some of the top hotels and restaurants in Cambodia, we remain in close contact. As they begin their careers, we continue to provide social support through mentoring and supplementary courses. EGBOK’s school offers a safe place for alumni to return. They are always welcome to come to EGBOK to use our computers, books, volleyball court, and more. Our Social Work team is available for alumni. Their support continues long after graduation, and students are encouraged to come to EGBOK with both career and personal problems. We also offer Professional Development Courses post-graduation. This provides alumni with an opportunity to continue their education about hospitality and gives them further tools to enhance their careers. 


12+ months


Career Counseling

Professional Networking

Social Support & Continued Mentoring

Subsidized Alumni Housing

Professional Development Courses


Social Independence

Financial Stability

Self Sustainability

Continuing Education