Training & Internship Program


TIP is a 12-month, full-time vocational training program. Its holistic approach prepares students for a successful transition into their first hospitality job.



Students enroll in classes at the EGBOK school which include: English, Computer, Math, Hospitality Core Courses, Hospitality Functional Courses (Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Service), and Professional Life Skills.


To gain the critical hands-on experience, students complete two internships at local hospitality companies. The internships are not only a chance for the students to reinforce their in-class learning but also take their first steps in establishing themselves as professionals.


The entire cost of the program, which includes housing and a monthly stipend for the duration of the program, is covered by EGBOK. Students are taught to save and budget for expenses using their monthly stipend. 

Hospitality Skills


TIP (Phase 2) is meant to give students a well-rounded hospitality education and allow for students with a wide range of abilities to find jobs. Students participate in 2-3 month internships in both Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Service.


  • Maintain Service Professionalism
  • Provide Safety & Security
  • Safety at Work
  • Internship Projects
  • Job Preparation


  • Service a guestroom
  • Carry Out Deep Cleaning
  • Service Public Areas
  • Provide Linen Room Service


  • Restaurant Overview & Orientation
  • Equipment for Service
  • Table Setting & Pre-Opening
  • Guest Experience
  • Service Sequence
  • Menu Styles & Types of Cuisine
  • Beverages

Life Skills & Social Support


The life skills aspect of EGBOK is what sets us apart from other programs, as we are preparing students for life rather than simply their careers. EGBOK's school and Living Centers provide a community within our groups students, staff, alumni, and other organizations in the Siem Reap area. The community builds the soft skills in the young adults we work with – confidence, leadership, self-reliance. Many of the young adults with whom we work have been raised with a survival mode mentality, worrying only about short term concerns of basic needs such as earning enough income to eat for the day. 

Through our comprehensive life skills training and social support services, EGBOK focuses on a long-term, individualized approach to ensure that each student’s needs are met. We realize the needs of the students are all different, and catering to those individual needs are what will make each and every one of them successful. 


Throughout their time at EGBOK, students will be offered a variety of life skills courses. 

Life skills covered throughout the year include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Budgeting Strategies
  • Hygiene
  • Communication Strategies
  • Sexual Health
  • Fire Safety
  • Drugs & Alcohol Education
  • Study Skills
  • Gender Roles & Relationships
  • Anger & Stress Management
  • Basic First Aid
  • Nutrition