Our recruitment process


Step One

Candidates are selected with the collaboration and input of our Community Partners. The students are selected based on the following criteria:


EGBOK identifies young adults with the least access to resources, opportunity, and the most disadvantaged in terms of wealth.


A strong motivation for the hospitality industry and desire to use the opportunity to make a better future for themselves, their family, and community.

The process is as follows:

EGBOK introduces the program to the Village Chiefs or organization leaders, followed by an information session with interested families. Application forms are distributed for completion by the interested candidate. EGBOK reviews the applications and shortlists the candidates with the help of each Community Partner. The selected candidates are informed and asked to sign a contract along with their parents or guardians. Students that successfully complete EGBOK's Introduction to Hospitality Course (Phase 1) may apply for the 12-month Training & Internship Program (TIP).

Successful completion of Phase 1 is defined as:

The candidate must have a good standing in their Introduction to Hospitality Course. The evaluation takes into account their attendance, class interaction, motivation shown during the course, and teacher feedback.


Step Two

We identify the most deserving and determined student candidates that completed the Phase 1 Introduction to Hospitality for the Phase 2 Training & Internship Program (TIP).

The application & selection process is:
  1. Application forms are distributed
  2. Interested candidates go through a motivational interview
  3. Application forms with supporting documents are due after issuance
  4. A background family check and home visit are conducted
  5. Shortlisted candidates and their parents are invited for a briefing about Phase 2 and students sign program contracts before beginning the program