Women's Initiative


of EGBOK alumni are women

Through the Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Initiative, the women in our program are creating choices for themselves that were once never thought possible.

These choices are a part of the larger picture of women’s empowerment and transformation, which is at the core of economic development and alleviating gender disparities. EGBOK has always been committed to tailoring our program towards at-risk young women in Cambodia and we continue to put emphasis on enrolling young women in our program.

Violence against women in Cambodia is a particularly pressing issue. Physical violence and economic hardship have made women vulnerable to trafficking and exploitative prostitution and Cambodia has become a major focal point in the regional sex trade.


Mobilizing Leaders


Mobilizing leaders occurs naturally for the women in our program as we have strategically implemented and evaluated our activities to achieve specific outcomes. The following activities are instrumental in mobilizing leaders in our Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Initiative:

  • Gender Awareness
  • Life Skills
  • Discovery & Leadership
  • Exposure to Female Leaders
  • Post-Graduation Preparation for Independence
  • Relationship Building & Activities