Strategic Goals & Objectives


The EGBOK team regularly hosts team retreats where we set goals and objectives in order to ensure continued growth and improvement of our program. They are often reviewed to ensure our work is aligned with these overarching organizational goals to make adjustments as needed. These are our 3-year strategic goals and objectives that will take EGBOK through 2019.


1. Financial Sustainability & Stability

In order for EGBOK to continue covering the costs of the program it is vital to maintain sustainable revenue from reliable/consistent sources for the long-term.

  • Financial sustainability through a diversified and larger donor base
  • Financial sustainability by increased local community contribution to funds
  • Financial sustainability & stability through investing in social enterprise projects
  • Financial stability by strengthening and deepening connections with donors
  • Greater awareness of EGBOK and its impact to engage potential donors through targeted public relations & marketing activities
  • Enhance donor management by utilizing database software
  • Committed and engaged Advisory and Young Professional Boards to help with fundraising and organizational challenges
  • Impactful and well-integrated social media strategy to support fundraising efforts


2. Holistic Approach to Student Development with a Greater Focus on Women’s Programming

Ensure students’ success in both their professional careers and personal life. Given the lack of opportunities and limited exposure to the wider world the youth come with, the EGBOK program needs to prepare them not just with the technical skills for their first job but for the professional and personal challenges that come with following professional career paths out of their traditional support structure. The goal is to develop them as dynamic individuals with the following characteristics:

  • Confident & self-motivated with high self-esteem
  • Honest & self-aware
  • Future leader & active community member
  • Effective communicator
  • Accountable & responsible
  • Critical thinker & active problem solver
  • Independent & positive member of society

    • Student activities that aid in the development of the characteristics above
    • Life skills better integrated into all aspects of the program even the formal hospitality classes
    • Provide consistent professional support to the women in the program through a female social worker
    • Women only empowerment workshops to address issues specific to them
    • Implement monitoring and evaluation framework to improve tracking of our impact


    3. Robust, Contextualized Curriculum Delivered with Student Centric Instruction Supported by a Conducive Learning Environment

    Ensure the students’ learning challenges are addressed and enhance their learning retention while addressing the needs of the industry.

    • Incorporate greater active learning into the instruction
    • Adjust the curriculum to ASEAN competency standards to better meet industry needs and provide students a certificate that is regionally accepted
    • Work closely with the industry to build a pool for professionals who can help with training; part-time and as volunteers
    • Enhance the hands-on training through the EGBOK training Café
    • Develop a culinary curriculum that meets the industry expectations for entry-level kitchen jobs
    • Add purpose built classrooms and upgrade current facilities to better support learning


    4. Engaged and Active Alumni

    Provide Alumni with resources for professional growth while encouraging them to actively promote and give back to EGBOK.

    • Alumni development programs (i.e. short courses) that provide them the additional knowledge and soft skills needed for their next level in their careers
    • Enhance the Mentoring @EGBOK program to link up more high potential alumni with mentors from the industry
    • Become a resource for alumni seeking overseas opportunities and guide them in making well thought out decisions before embarking overseas
    • Formation of an Alumni Committee with EGBOK alumni ambassadors to help keep in closer contact with the alumni, engage them through various activities including the annual alumni reunion and promote EGBOK in the industry and communities
    • Engage alumni to give back through volunteering and financial contributions


    5. In Service of Youth with the Least Opportunity

    Remain in service of youth with the least opportunity as Cambodia is lifting itself out of poverty through economic progress, ensuring that EGBOK continues to reach out to those still struggling with poverty and who have no or limited support through other channels.

    • Widen the NGO and community partnerships to cover more provinces and reach youth in need in order to prevent trafficking
    • Work with Alumni to be ambassadors for the EGBOK program
    • Strengthen cooperation with NGOs helping trafficked women to give more vulnerable women opportunities
    • Target to recruit a student group of 50 within next 2 years with at least 60 % being women


    6. Professionally Managed Organization with Committed Team and Supporters

    Ensure organizational consistency and help the team and supporters grow in their roles.

    • Build the capacity of the team through sponsoring of higher education and short training courses
    • Establish complete policies and procedures for all the functions
    • Utilize more skilled and experienced volunteers to provide the necessary support
    • Engaged board with professional oversight to ensure compliance and longevity


    7. Self-Sustaining Training Café as a Social Enterprise

    Café profits supporting EGBOK operations.

    • Café to cover its operating expenses by the end of the first 18 months of operations
    • Support the EGBOK program through hands-on training in F&B service and cooking
    • More closely engage the EGBOK alumni and greater community by serving as a community space and through hosting engaging activities
    • Provide an intimate setting to interact with visitors and donors
    • Create additional training space for EGBOK